Face Plant

Brand identity design


Plant your peepers on this.

Face Plant is a skincare range made from nature. Pitched at young women looking for a natural skincare product sans the chemicals and confusion - a brand that screams vibrancy and keeps it real. The name, Face Plant, was carefully chosen to reflect the brand promise in a way that gets directly to the point, while also playfully referring to the oh-so-relatable clumsy fall, fondly known around the world as the ‘face plant’. This is a brand that doesn’t take life too seriously - a value shared by its target audience.

Botanical-inspired graphics and an eye-catching colour palette allow the packaging to stand out amongst shelves of crisp white and minimalistic competitor products. Face Plant isn’t for women seeking a top-of-the-line youth-promising skincare range; instead, it’s a fun and instantly recognisable range that nourishes without overpromising.

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