Hive Rise

Brand identity design


Busy urban bees.

Sometimes we like to create brands that support the causes we care about, just for kicks. That's how Hive Rise came about. We love the concept of business getting behind the humble honey bee by setting up hives on wasted rooftop spaces. The endangered species get a safe new home (with city views!), and we, as consumers, get to enjoy the golden goodness of honey. It's a win-win that we hope will continue to rise in popularity around the world.

When we think about high rise buildings, we think about the big-hitters like Hong Kong, Dubai, and of course, New York. We took inspiration from the latter and applied a paired back art-deco undertone to the logo, kept things simple with a two colour (black and gold) palette, and incorporated the hexagonal honeycomb shapes and oozing golden liquid into the design.

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