Krafty Kooks

Brand identity design


Ride the wave.

Coastal microbrewery, Krafty Kooks, taps into the laid back, beachy culture of Australia. Targeting the stereotypical surfer who loves nothing more than riding waves by day - live music and beers with their mates by night.

For surfers, there’s no greater thrill than conquering a wave - it’s exhilarating, the salt water seeps into your soul, and for a moment, you’re a god (or goddess) channelling the force of mother nature. We wanted to remind our target audience of that feeling, through the movement, memory-triggering graphics, and iconic beach scenes you now see on Krafty Kooks cans and cartons.

Silver waves wrap themselves around each can, conveying motion and the coolness of the ocean while electric colours serve as a backdrop to unapologetically stark silhouettes of surfing, a combi van, and other beach scenes distinguishing the Pale Ales from the Stouts and the XPAs

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