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Every project is different, but you can use the below as a guide for how yours may play out. Feedback, milestone approvals, and other external factors can influence the timelines. We always keep our promises though, so rest assured, we'll deliver what we've agreed to, on time.

week one

We'll meet for a Brand Jam.

This powered-up pow-wow is the first (and most critical) piece of the branding puzzle. Together, we’ll dive into the details of your business, figure out your brand objectives, talk about your pet hates, undying loves, and the feelings you hope to ignite in your ideal customer or client. The deeper we dig in the strategy stage will guide the creative direction for your spankin’ new brand.

Conceptual framework
week two


Loaded up with sweet insights from the Brand Jam, we’ll get to work setting the scene with 2-3 stylescapes of images, colours, fonts, and hero statements. This is the first taste of our brand vision, and the perfect opportunity for refining the creative, early on.  We’ll get your sign off on the winning stylescape, colours and fonts before proceeding to the next stage.

Identity development
weeks three to five

A logo with mojo. A memorable tagline.

Next cab off the rank - a lip smackin’ logo. Your logo doesn’t define your brand, but it is front and centre of your brand aesthetic, so we take its design very seriously. We design, redesign, and design some more before presenting you with 2-3 logo concepts with taglines. You’ll give us some constructive criticism, so we can fine-tune your favourite to a standard that will make your heart flutter.

Brand story, voice and photography.

We'll guide you on how to communicate your message using a tone that 'sounds' like your brand and photography that looks and feels like it too. You'll also lay eyes on your brand vision, values, story and persona, plus your ideal client profile during the action packed presentation.

Brand manual presentation
week six

One brand. One style. One manual.

This mother of all manuals guides you on the application of your new brand. It covers everything from how to use your assets (like the logo and colour palette) to the style of photography and copywriting best suited to your communications. Followed correctly, you’ll be able to ensure a consistent look and feel across every touchpoint.

Brand ownership
week seven


Packed up and looking pretty, we’ll deliver your suite of brand assets and  resources for you to roll out the new look. If you’d like a helping hand in this department though, we’re here for you. Talk to us about making your mark on things like your website, packaging, office supplies, marketing collateral, signage, social or other digital channels.



Got a question? Hit the FAQ for some answers we've prepared earlier or email us direct at hello@brandspankinagency.com



Is the ‘Brand Jam’ really necessary?

Yes, it absolutely is. Without this crucial discovery stage, we’d be developing your brand based on guesswork, not brand strategy. Without it, you may end up with a pretty logo, but if it means nothing, then it’s worth, well, nothing. And we both care more about your brand than that.

I don’t need a whole ‘brand’; I just want a creative logo. Can you help?

We offer a logo package, but this still involves a strategy session (the Brand Jam) and includes extras like colours, fonts, and variations of the winning creative logo design so you can use it in a stacked or linear format. We also deliver a brand manual and all your brand assets upon final payment.

How much does it cost to build a brand?

We offer branding, web design and copywriting packages. Request our prices below.

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