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Do you build Wordpress sites?

We're all about Webflow here at Brand Spankin'. It's clean, fast, secure, flasher than a Ferrari and faster to roll out. If you're new to Webflow hit our affiliate link to check it out.


Can you help me develop my brand persona?

We can, indeed. This is one of our favourite things to do! We’ll help you figure out the human qualities that are true to your brand and will ring true within the minds and hearts of your ideal customers.


Can you help me with my brand name?

YES PLEASE! Hani (our co-founder) is a copywriter and lives for developing brand names, taglines, and most other forms of brand copy. We’ll do a basic name search to make sure our recommendations are available for registration in Australia; you’ll just need to organise your own trade mark search with a solicitor. We can point you in the right direction in the legal space too.


I will need content designed to support my new brand direction – can you assist?

Sure can! We can hook you up with copywriting, visual content (for example, Instagram templates), website copy, lead magnets and other marketing collateral.


I’d like to include illustrations in my branding, can you deliver this kind of artwork?

YES! Adam is an artist (like a seriously good one), plus we’ve got a host of talented traditional and vector artists on the books. We’d love to create something one-of-a-kind for your brand.


I don’t need a whole ‘brand’; I just want a creative logo. Can you help?

We offer a logo package, but this still involves a strategy session (the Brand Jam) and includes extras like colours, fonts, and variations of the winning creative logo design so you can use it in a stacked or linear format. We also deliver a brand manual and all your brand assets upon final payment.


Where is your design agency? And can you work remotely?

Our design studio is in Collingwood (Melbourne), but with today’s you-beaut technology, we can collaborate across borders or overseas. Time zones can be challenging, but generally, we can happily work out a solution that suits us all.


How long does the brand design process take from concept to completion?

It generally takes between 6-8 weeks, but timeframes can change depending on client responsiveness, scope changes, and other external factors.


Is a strategy call really necessary?

Yes, it absolutely is. Without this crucial discovery stage, we’d be developing your brand based on guesswork, not brand strategy. Without it, you may end up with a pretty logo, but if it means nothing, then it’s worth, well, nothing. And we both care more about your brand than that.


How much does it cost to build a brand?

We offer branding, web design and copywriting packages. Hit enquire now and we'll send you our price guide.


Can you help me design my brand packaging?

We sure can. It’s best if you’ve already lined up a manufacturer/packaging producer though, as we work to their specs and a change part of the way through the design process can lead to lost time and additional costs to you. We prefer to avoid that!


Can you help organise a brand photography session/photoshoot?

While we don’t have an in-house photographer, we can certainly introduce you to our lensed friends. We can help direct your shoot and will ensure your photographer is 100% across the style that will best complement your new brand. There’s a ‘Tone of photography’ section in your brand manual, so even if you decide to strike a pose down the track, we’ve got you covered.


Can you design my website? And do you have in-house website developers?

We can design and build a prototype for you to handover to your developer. Or, we can develop your website here, in-house. Talk to us about your preferred platform, essential features, and we’ll go from there.


Do your brand packages include things like tone of voice?

Yes, they do! Your brand manual will include guidance on the tone of voice, tone of photography, your brand story, mission, vision, and values statements, brand and ideal customer personas, plus all the visual direction you need for a consistent brand application.


Can you help me rebrand my business?

Absolutely! Maybe you’ve DIY’d your current branding or shifted direction or believe your brand could be hitting the hearts of your ideal client better and with more impact? We’ve got your back, and we’d love to explore your vision for a reimagined brand. Let’s talk about it!


I’ve already got business branding, can you use it to create brand collateral?

Of course! We can design your lead magnet, digital advertising, social media templates, look book, printed and online publications, e-books or website - the list is long. As long as you can supply the brand assets (or design elements), then we can apply your branding to a range of media. If you’re already working with a digital marketing agency, we’d be happy to bring their marketing (or content) strategy to life.