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What good branding can do for your business.

The right branding can help you to inspire positive perceptions about your business, establish stronger connections, and nurture longer-lasting relationships with your ideal clients.  Well beyond a logo, your brand identity is complex and involves non-visual elements like personality, tone of voice, values, photography, messaging and more.

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Say NO to DIY.

There’s a lot of DIY branding going ‘round, from Canva templates to clip art mash-ups, everyone is having a crack at their business creative.

Don’t spend another hour of your life trying to hack the design system – strategically build a brand in partnership with a pro and save yourself a whole lot of time and sanity!


We dig making brands that ooze sass and live a little dangerously.

Witty words, bold colours, personality for days - you know the type. If ‘loud n proud’ speaks more to you than ‘safe n sound’, then you’ve landed in the right place with Brand Spankin’ Agency.


Ready to stop blushing and start bragging?

If you’re proud of your business but embarrassed of your branding or website, it might be time to take the latter up a notch. You’ll feel good handing out your business cards, sending someone to your website, and knowing that every touchpoint looks and feels exactly like your brand. With consistency comes confidence and with strategic design comes the right kind of client.

Let’s put some swagger in your step and build you a brand you can shout about.


'Your search is over!'

Hani took the time to understand my story, my journey, my personality and my values - all of which were incredibly important elements that I wanted to project in my brand. Not only is Hani extremely talented in design, but she is also an amazing storyteller/copywriter. Hani is professional, goes above and beyond to help - nothing is ever a problem, and she truly delivers on her promise. If you're after an agency that will help you bring your brand vision to life (and turn heads), your search is over! With much gratitude.

Director, Mint People

'Spot on service'

My business is pretty niche and yet Hani almost instantly understood exactly what we did, who our target market was and how we needed to position ourselves to attract them. She was a fantastic sounding board throughout our rebranding process and in the end articulated precisely who we are in a way we never could have done without her.

Stu S,
Silverlining Strategy

'Everything and more'

Their amazing agency has designed everything for my jewellery collection - better than I could have imagined it!

Kerstin R,
Venus Spell

'A perfect fit'

We first worked with Hani on our luxury hotel bedding brand, microCloud. She nailed the brief of more engaging website copy and was able to work to tight word count constraints for our brochure. More recently, she has helped with our (soon to launch) luxury dog bed brand, Poppy’s, in identifying a brand persona, establishing an ideal client profile, supplying TOV guide and of course copy. Hani’s ability to listen, intricately understand our brands and deliver projects in a timely fashion makes her a pleasure to work with.

Jono B,